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The Polar Code requires that all crew is familiar with the group survival equipment and personal survival equipment in case of an emergency in ice, at sea and on a remote shore in order to ensure survival for not less than five days. These provisions are mandatory for ships subject to SOLAS Chapter XIV and navigating in waters as defined in SOLAS Regulations XIV/1.2 and XIV/1.3.

This training is recommended for crew in leading positions for the case of an emergency and special personnel on board as well.

Course Content

In order to meet the Polar Code requirements, the crew and personnel sailing on board must acquire necessary skills through practical training.

The aim of the "Svalbard Polar Code Course" is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for the consequences of an evacuation, including leadership and care of all persons. Participants will gain appropriate knowledge within a 48-hour exercise in an authentic environment. Prior to the exercise a proper training of all aspects needed for survival is scheduled for three days.


Leaving the ship under polar conditions


Monitoring and assessment of the condition of the crew

Heat Recovery

Training on heat recovery


Learning of methods and use of means for locating


Search for the safest location to set up a base


The supply and distribution of food and water


Securing the area against hazards


Communication with the rescue forces

Practical exercise

Practical exercise for setting up a camp

Efficient use

Efficient use of equipment

Wild Animals

Exercise on the use of deterrents to protect against wild animals


Evacuation if necessary with helicopter


Assignment of tasks, different roles of people


Survival with and in the environment


Training for prevention and treatment of hypothermia

Psychosocial Aspects

Dealing with fatigue, stress, anger and mental breakdown

The course covers the regulations of the International Code for Ships operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) 8.3.3 and 12.3.4, MSC 97/22, MSC 416(97) and the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in 1995, 1997 and 2010 Sections

A-V/2-1, A-V/2-2 for polar crowd management
A-V/4-1, A-V/4-2 for the competence in training for ships operating in polar waters
A-VI/1-1 for the competence in personal survival techniques
A-VI/1-3 for the competence in elementary polar first aid
A-VI/1-4 for the competence in polar personal safety and social responsibilities

(VO) EU 965/2012 Annex IV Subpart B - CAT.OP.MPA.100 ff for fixed wing aircraft
(VO) EU 965/2012 Annex V Subpart K - SPA.HOFO.100 ff for helicopter

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