FL Polar Operation GmbH is a subsidiary of the F. Laeisz Group and specializes in the operation of ships in the polar regions as well as training of sea personnel for the high latitudes.

We have been operating in the high latitudes since 1996. Year round, at sea and ashore. We manage a research icebreaker, polar stations and take part in various projects in the most remote regions on planet earth. Our operations in both hemispheres and at all latitudes put us in an excellent position for training and engagement in the polar regions. As a member of the F. Laeisz Group we have strong partners in all areas of shipping.

Our base is Bremerhaven as a centre of polar knowledge and competence.

What do we do

FL Polar Operation offers comprehensive services based on its own know-how with qualified and dedicated sea and land personnel in polar areas.

We are active in the training for and application of the Polar Code, provide tactical and strategic ice management and realise research and offshore projects.